Welcome to Empathy Partners

We are the only true owners of the Harding & Yorke (H&Y) empathy measurement methodology and the products developed using it, both nationally and internationally. We have carefully selected and invited experienced and well reputed consultancy companies to work in partnership with us in the delivery and promotion of empathy measurement; and the improving of the customer experience - our 'Partners' in Empathy.

Over 20 years we developed a unique approach to measure how it feels to be a customer of an organisation and consultancy services to help you to improve your Customers' Experiences. Our aim has always been very simple - to help you build and sustain great experiences for those who work for and with you. Empathy measurement is the only measurement in the Customer Experience space that is academically proven to correlate with Profit and to be judged at 98.9% reliable.

We are delighted to announce that our services are available through us and/or our limited number of 'Partners' - each experts in their own rights. Together we will develop products faster, be more competitive and meet your needs more fully. The delivery of an in-depth analysis into and tracking of your customer's experience using our Customer Empathy Audit™ approach. This approach provides you with practical insight on how it feels to be a customer through the analysis, by our highly trained and experienced research experts, of your employee’s behaviour in real interactions that you have with your customers.

Our Team

As the co-owners of Empathy Partners we are very actively involved in every stage of all the projects we are commissioned to undertake; making sure our deliverables are accurate, appropriate, insightful, practical, timely and of a high standard. Click on our images to discover more about us.

Our Research Team

As a business we rely on top quality research, and this is delivered by our highly trained, dedicated and experienced research team. Due to the need to undertake mystery shopping type roles we limit the information on this site regarding the team; though they do such a great job we we would love to let you know more about them if we could.

Beyond Our Team

To expand our offerings, develop packaged programs and to increase our international presence we have formed strategic partnerships with specially selected companies who we have licensed to work with empathy measurement

Our Research Team

Due to the need to undertake mystery shopping type roles we limit the information on this site regarding the team but would like to let you know they are all extremely valuable to us due to their experience and insight and we are sure they will add value to your business too.

Sarah Thorman

Co-owner and Research Manager

Sarah has run the research team since 2004 after they moved from a more formal contact centre environment in Abingdon, Oxfordshire to a National Homeworking Network. Sarah is a veteran researcher herself having worked with Harding & Yorke since 1997. She manages the researcher mix, the monitoring and quality of the analysis and the ongoing training and recruitment needs.

Philip Owens

Co-owner and Operations Manager

With well over a decade of experience Philip is a wise choice to help support you with any Empathy Measurement based projects. At Harding & Yorke he started in the internal research team before progressing into being the Campaign Manager and then the Overall Manager for the Empathy Rating Index Company (ERIC), the original Empathy benchmarking product and the base for EPIC. He has also worked on the operational side of many Harding & Yorke Empathy Audits. With the closure of Harding & Yorke Philip continued to work on a freelance basis with Compathy; and along with Sarah inherited the I.P. and methodology which has led to the founding of this new company built on the H & Y legacy - Empathy Partners

Martin Jukes

Mpathy Plus

Mpathy Plus has collaborated on numerous projects with Empathy Partners since 2013. Mpathy Plus is led and managed by Martin Jukes. Supporting Martin are a number of Associates that have been selected because of their relevant experience and expertise. Mpathy Plus was formed in 2005 to leverage their previous commercial experience to support clients in the public and third sectors. In 2010 they merged the private sector businesses with Mpathy to form Mpathy Plus. Their previous experience gives them a great platform from which to develop; forming good relationships across the contact centre industry and developing a unique insight into specific areas, with success being based upon understanding the various complexities associated with delivering service to customers. With competence and skills across the whole spectrum of customer experience they support clients in developing their customer relationship ambitions.

Toni Blumeris

Vital Light South Africa


Vital Light specialises in driving profit through improving Empathy for higher Customer and Employee engagement and retention. The company currently focuses on the world of the contact centre as this is the ‘relationship hub’ of many organisations today. The contact centre Agent is the most frequent human contact between an Organisation and its Customers. With increased self-service channels that deal with transactions and process, the skill set of the Agent is evolving to incorporate Empathy to manage more complex and problem oriented enquires.


Vital Light is under the directorship of Toni Blumeris (M.SocSc.Psych.) Toni’s background is diverse: from practicing psychologist; to brand manager; to qualitative market research specialist; and sustainability consultant. She most describes herself as a human behavioural specialist. Toni has worked for various management consulting and market research agencies and led a few business start-ups; including the former South African branch of Harding & Yorke, now known as Empathy Partners. She has a strong entrepreneurial flair, and innate ability to see patterns and trends in both data and human behaviour. However, she regards her strongest ability as being able to teach and share information in a way that makes behavioural transformation for other people very easy. Toni’s passion for behavioural transformation comes from a belief that her purpose is to assess and assist individuals, groups and companies in shifting their behaviour to appreciate, look after and grow our precious resources (mostly our people, but importantly, also our environment). She is preparing her submission for a Doctoral programme in 2016 to pursue her growing passion for the impact of compassion on development of people and their ability to care for the environment; and in addition developing a team of Facilitators and Researchers who can assist in bringing the message of “Driving Profit through Empathetic Customer Service” to South African organisations.