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A valuable insight into how you make your customers feel.

Our in-depth measure and report includes the following:

Facts and Feelings

    Opening greeting

    Holds and silences

    Prepared for the interaction

    Further asssistance offered

Developing a Relationship

    How welcome you make us feel

    Your honesty

    Listening skills

    Appreciation of our emotional needs

    Meeting our needs

    Personalised approach

Handling our Task


    Pride and belief


    Making time for us

    Problem handling

    Summarising and concluding calls

Common Company Values



    approach to doing a better job

    how memorable was the interaction


The Benefits

Our Customer Experience Audit will measure, monitor and benchmark how your customers ‘feel’ when contacting you. If you aspire to be more customer focused but struggle to identify areas for improvement then ours is the measure for you.

Our innovative approach is to analyse actual customer interactions through a neutral third party thus giving an unbiased and accurate result. This provides you with practical insight on 'how it feels to be a customer' provided by the data of our highly trained and experienced research experts. This is one of the most important advantages our methodology has over other metrics and standard customer research offerings.

The empathy you display has been academically proven to be the most influential component in building profitable relationships with your customers. In a study led by Oxford Professor, Merlin Stone, a one point improvement on the empathy scale was proved to be equivalent to a 16.4% Return on the Capital Employed.

Our Clients

Some of the clients who have utilised our services as Empathy Partners, Harding & Yorke and Compathy